Dear Tom,

I have just been notified and wanted to congratulate you on having been selected as the recipient of the 2013 USSA J. Leland Sosman Award. In recognition of Doc Sosman and his decades of commitment as a volunteer for the USSA, this annual award is given to an exceptional member of the medical support team who has provided outstanding medical coverage and service to USSA.

Dr. J. Leland Sosman, known affectionately as ‘Sos,’ was a USSA volunteer leader and pioneer for over 50 years. His service to the USSA and FIS communities has been legendary. While not a formal member of the physicians’ pool, Sos was known for his energy, persistence and passion for USSA sports. This award recognizes that individual of the medical community who best exemplifies these traits.

The following was submitted for your nomination: “Tom Hackett has been a valuable and dependable member of the USSA Physician Pool as both a Head Team Physician for US Snowboarding and a member of the Medical Committee for 10 years. He has been named to three different Winter Olympic Games, and has played an integral role in planning for the upcoming 2014 Games in Sochi, Russia.

His dedication and contributions to the athletes in all USSA sports, both on the road and in his practice in Vail, are commendable. He has shown time and time again that he is willing to go the extra mile to give our athletes truly world-class healthcare. USSA is indebted to have such an exceptional physician as a member of our medical staff.”

Again, our congratulations!

Bill Marolt
President & CEO

Past Recipients
2008 Dr. Richard Steadman
2009 Dr. Larry Gaul
2010 Dr. Terrence Orr
2011 Dr. William I. Sterett
2012 Dr. Vernon J. Cooley
2013 Dr. Tom Hackett