Big Nog forced to have 16 screws in broken arm

Original Post by ESPN Staff on December 19, 2011

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is facing a lengthy spell on the sidelines after being forced to have surgery on his broken arm.

Early reports suggested the Brazilian, who incurred the injury when refusing to tap out during his defeat to Frank Mir at UFC 140, would not require surgery, but UFC officials later revealed that was no longer the case.

Big Nog, who received a 60-day medical suspension last Tuesday, had 16 screws inserted into his arm when he underwent surgery on Saturday.

“Mr. Nogueira suffered a complex fracture to his humerus,” Dr. Tom R. Hackett wrote on the Nogueira brothers’ blog ( “The fracture began in the middle of the bone and extended to the elbow region. Unfortunately, the radial nerve [one of the main nerves lending a feeling of power to the hands] was damaged. The nerve is located in the area of the fracture, and the bone compressed it. Before the operation, he had very little strength in his hand and no strength whatsoever in his thumb.